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Rich Ferguson / Team OPI...................DVD Features / Bonuses...................> DVD Content / Full Tricks List <

Here is a very long list of all the techniques found on the DVDs followed by brief history and some appropriate credit/history.

Tricks Rating as found on DVDs: *easy, **normal, ***difficult, ****hard (good luck!)

If you happen to know any history to any techniques here,
email us!
The Official Poker Chip Tricks DVD-

**Chip Shuffle:
**Push Down Shuffle:
**Short Shuffle:
***Butterfly: Nelson Downs, early 20th century
****Fat Butterfly: Rich Ferguson,
****Roll Down: Nelson Downs, early 20th century
***Butterfly Balance: Rich Ferguson,
***Butterfly Collapse: Rich Ferguson,
***Rebound Stack:
***Peacock: Rich Ferguson,
****Double Butterfly: Rich Ferguson,
****S-Fan: Rich Ferguson,
****Galaxy: Rich Ferguson,
**Vertical Chip Roll:
****Anti-Gravity: Arthur Buckley described in Principles and Deceptions.
***Muscle Pass: Charles Bertram
****Finger Catch: Rich Ferguson,
****Ricochet: Rich Ferguson,
**Reverse Twirl:
**Twirl: Joseph Schmidt, learned as a magic trick in 1944
**Two Chip Twirl:
***Twirl Pinch:
*Chip Stack Twirl:
**Front to Back:
*Finger Flip:
*Thumb Flip:
***Knuckle Roll:
****Knuckle Roll Return:
****Mulitple Knuckle Roll:
****Chip Roll Toss / BC Toss: Brad Cumpston
****Knuckle Roll Transfer:
**Chip Rolling:
*Block Rolling:
**In Hand Cascade, **Drop, **Tilt:
**Center Cut:
**Slip Shuffle:
**Pinch Shuffle:
****4-Way Cut: Rich Ferguson, Chris Kenner's Sybil Cut
*Thumb Lever:
*Finger Lever:
**Rising Lever:
**Bottom Flip:
*Elbow Catch:
**Backhand Catch:
*Spiral Stacking:
***Bounce Stack:
***Drop Bounce Stack:
***Dribble Bounce Stack:
***Chip Production: Rich Ferguson, Danny Sylvester, Nelson Downs
**Hidden Bet:
***Twirl Bounce-back:
**Toss Bounce-back:
**Rebound, Slam, Push: Rich Ferguson,
**Chip Return:
**Vertical Pinch, Thumb Up, Thumb Down: Rich Ferguson,
**Chip Boomerang: Rich Ferguson,
**Chip Toss:
**Push Through:
**Multiple Push Through:
*Horizontal Pinch: Rich Ferguson,
*Jump Back: Rich Ferguson,
*J-Toss: Ryan Henninger
The Official Poker Card Stunts DVD-

*Top turnover:
*under turnover:
**deck Turnover:
*barndoors: Rich Ferguson,
**why flip: Rich Ferguson,
***snap change:
**pocket turn:
**explosion: as seen in "Shade"
***whirls -single hand:
***whirls -both hands:
***into air:
**psych twirl:
**Montecito bowed down: Rich Ferguson,
**Montecito bowed up: Rich Ferguson,
***palm change: Rich Ferguson,
***basic: Rich Ferguson,
***face plam change: Rich Ferguson,
**Spring Set: John Cornelius - Spring set was explained in The New York Symposium Close-Up Collection One
**Spring Set on Turn:
***Spring Set on River:
**Flippant: Looy Simonoff
**Flippant -one card: Looy Simonoff
***Flippant -multiple cards: Rich Ferguson, Looy Simonoff
**throw buckle:
**toss buckle: Rich Ferguson,
**antigravity buckle: Rich Ferguson
**Slide turn:
**slide change:
***two card boomerang:
**Osos Toss: Tenkai Palm, Rich Ferguson
**card throwing:
**deal throwing:
***jay grip: Ricky Jay
**pinch: Rich Ferguson,
**Diamond toss: Rich Ferguson
**Pivot: Rich Ferguson, Jason England
**Pivt Toss: Jason England
*two card shuffle:
*standard two card shuffle:
*two finger shuffle:
**endless shuffle: Emsley

Bonus Chip Tricks: (Dealing Stunts):
***Boomerang Deal:
**pinky deal: Rich Ferguson,
The Official Poker Shuffles and Cuts DVD-

*Table Riffle:
**In Hands Riffle:
*Back & Forth:
Strip Shuffle:
*Top Packet Pull:
*Bottom Packet Pull:
**In Hands:
**One Handed Squeeze: Rich Ferguson,
**Verticle Bridge:
**Pinky Bridge:
***One Handed Faro:
****One Handed:
****Scissor Faro: Rich Ferguson,
****Rich’s Faro: Rich Ferguson,

*Standard Table Cut:
*Hands to Table:
*Multi Hands to Table Cut:
**Center Cut:
*In Hand Cut:
*Multiple Cuts:
*Strip Cut:
**Charlier: Charlier
**Standard Pivot:
**Pivot Toss:
**Pivot Drop:
**Table Pivot:
**Swivel Cut:
**Palm Pivot: Rich Ferguson,
***One handed Swivel:
***Revolve Cut:
***Revolve Pivot Cut:
***Triple Cut:
***3 Way:
***Ferguson’s 4 Way: Rich Ferguson,
****Ferguson’s 5 Way: Rich Ferguson,
**Revolve Pivot:
****Crazy Cuts: Rich Ferguson, variation of Chris Kenner's Sybil Cut
*K-10 Rollover Cut: Katin Imes
**Pressure Pullover Cut: Rich Ferguson, Katin Imes
**Auto Cut:

The Official Poker Flourishes DVD-

**Ribbon Spread:
*Ribbon Spread Turnover:
**Double Ribbon Spread Turnover:
**Thumb Fan:
**Closing Fan:
**One Handed:
***Giant Fan:
****Pressure Fan:
***Split Fan:
***Two Handed Split Fan:
**Card Springs:
**From corners:
**From middle:
**Sideways spring:
***Anti Gravity Spring: Rich Ferguson,
***Waterfall: Hugh Johnston